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Women first.

RemovAid has made a conscious effort to prioritize women's health by creating our first product specifically for women. We believe that designing for women is a privilege, one that we take seriously.


We seek to empower better health management through enabling implantable medication and monitoring

Our mission is to make implants more accessible through gentle and efficient removals.


Patients who desire or need long-term health management through implants may require frequent replacement of these medications or technologies. By re-inventing the removal process, we make it easier for patients to experience how these technologies can become part of their everyday life in a positive way.


Our technology is easy to use, allowing for a broader range of healthcare personnel to provide removal services. This solution enables healthcare providers to better utilize available resources.  

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We are an ISO 13485:2016 certified company who specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of medical devices which remove subdermal implants. 


The RemovAid™ is a class IIa medical device designed to remove single-rod contraceptive implants as an alternative to the standard implant removal procedure. This product is CE approved under MDR 2017/745 and ready for distribution.


Our solution has been a part of initiatives in Uganda, Sweden and Norway backed by some of the world’s most influential institutions and funds. 

Partners and Collaborators

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Interested in collaborating?

If you share our vision of empowering patients through better long-term health management solutions, we are excited to speak with you! 

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